Military Wings

The Directorate of Military Training ( DMT ) is responsible for the training of cadets in military related subjects and exercises. The Directorate is headed by a Director of the rank of brigadier general who is responsible to the Commandant. The DMT offers basic joint officer cadets training to potential Army, Naval and Air Force officers to foster early development of esprit-de-corps among the cadets. The DMT has 4 Training Wings under its supervision.

These include the following:

Army Wing

The Army Wing runs 3 types of courses for the Nigerian Army(NA). These are the Regular Combatant (RC), Short Service (SS) and the Direct Short Service (DSS) Directorate of Military Training Complex Cadets Abseiling from a Hill Army Wing Complex Courses. The Army Wing teaches subjects ranging from Field Training to Methods of Instruction which are peculiar to the army.

Naval Wing

The Naval Wing runs the Regular and the Direct Short Service Courses for the Nigerian Navy (NN). During their stay in the Academy , cadets acquire basic training with naval bias . There after, they proceed as midshipmen to the Nigerian Naval College in Onne, near Port- Harcourt, where they undergo intensive naval training after which 6 Support Weapon Instruction Period Naval Wing Complex Cadets on Board a Naval Ship during one of the Naval Tour Cadets receiving on Board a Naval Ship Instruction Cadets in a Water Manship Training they are commissioned sub-lieutenants. While in NDA, naval cadets study naval subjects ranging from seamanship to naval operations , basic engineering, damage control, logistics, naval law, management and administration as well as account and budgeting.

Air Force Wing

The Air Force Wing trains Air Force cadets in the Regular and Direct Short Service Courses. The cadets acquire basic Air Force training while in the Academy. The Regular Cadets on completion of 4 years at NDA, proceed to the Nigerian Air Force ( NAF ) Flying Training School, in Kaduna, for their primary professional Air Force training. At the end of their fifth year of cumulative training, they are commissioned pilot officers. While in NDA, Air Force cadets learn Air Force subjects ranging from airoper at ions to aerodynamics.

Short Service Wing

The Short Service Wing trains Army cadets undergoing the Short Service Course and Army, Naval and Air Force cadets undergoing the Direct Short Service Course.

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