Application for Admission into the Nigerian Defence Academy 74 Regular Course

Department of Computer Science

Dr. Philip Oshiokhaimhele Odion
Head of Department of Computer Science
 Nigerian Defence Academy


The Department is one of the four Departments that makeup the Faculty of Military Science and Interdisciplinary of the Nigerian Defence Academy Kaduna. It came into existence as a result of the splitting of the former Department of Mathematics and Computer Science in 2013. Policies concerning the Department are formulated by the NDA Administration and administered by the HOD in conjunction with all members of staff, who work in one committee or the other. These committees are formed with the sole aim of helping the HOD effectively administer the Department.

Description and Objectives

The description, objectives, and function of the Department are as follows:

Description: Computer Science was created to become a centre of excellence in teaching and research, achievable by the application of computer science and military operations research to national growth and development in 1997. It was merged with the Department of Mathematics in 2005 and decoupled in 2013.

Objectives: The set objectives of the department shall be sequentially executed as follows:

  • Staff training to acquire transferable skills and expertise in various fields of Computer Science, Operations Research, Cybersecurity and Information Technology.
  • Recruitment of qualified senior academic and technical staff shortfalls with the relevant and required skills and expertise.
  • Restructuring, equipping, upgrading, and modernizing of the computer science laboratory to be ICT compliant.
  • Development of information and communication technology center with integrated virtual and e-library.


The mission of the Department of Computer Science is to:

  • Produce officers who are knowledgeable in the areas of computer science and information technology required for the understanding and mastering of military science and technology and modern techniques of warfare.
  • Produce officers with a balanced academic curriculum of study with a view of the application and operational needs of the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  • Produce officers who can contribute meaningfully to the research and developmental efforts of the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  • And to ensure competence of officers in their chosen fields of study through the acquisition of relevant skills.

Academic Degree Programmes and Admission Requirement

Academic Degree Programmes

The Department is currently undergoing the following programmes:

  • BSc Computer Science
  • PGD Computer Science
  • MSc Computer Science
  • PhD Computer Science
  • Master in Computer Science (Professional)
  • Master in Information Technology (Professional)


Admission Requirement

Admission into the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) is highly competitive considering the Military training and the academic demands. The basic requirements are:

  • Student must be a Nigerian citizen, though foreign students based on bilateral agreement(s) are also admitted.
  • Age must fall within 16-19 years.
  • Student must be physically, mentally and medically fit.
  • Student must possess (five) 5 credits pass in appropriate subjects in not more than two sittings in WASCE/NECO including English language and Mathematics. Other three (3) subjects are Physics, Chemistry and Further Mathematics/Geography/ Technical Drawing.
  • Student must pass the minimum point for JAMB examination.


Having above requirements, applicants must processed NDA entrance application form, sit and pass entrance examination after which successful candidates are short listed for the Armed Forces Selection Board (AFSB) interview on quota basis. At the selection process, candidates are made to undergo the following:

  • Medical Examination
  • Physical Training
  • Written Aptitude Test
  • Planning Exercise
  • Oral Interview


Academic Staff

Chronicle Of Headship of Department Computer Science

Chronicle Of Headship (Department Computer Science)

1. Sqr Ldr SU Chinda Oct  1997  -  Mar 1998
2. Lt Col  AO Uwadia Mar 1998  -  Mar  1999
3. Mr  P Onokegbabe Mar 1999  -  May 2000
4. Sqr Ldr SU Chinda (rtd May 2000  – Nov 2000
5. Dr SC Osuala Nov 2000   – Oct   2002
6. Mr DT Chinyio Oct  2002   -  Nov  2005

Chronicle Of Headship (Department Of Mathematics/Computer Science)

1. Commander MO Oladejo PhD 2005– 2006
2. Capt (NN) MO Oladejo PhD 2006– 2007
3. Dr  SC Osuala 2007– 2008
4. Dr KB Yuguda 2008– 2010
5. Prof  SC Osuala 2010– 2011
6. Capt (NN) MO Oladejo (rtd 2011 – 2013

Chronicle Of Headship (Department Of Computer Science)

1. Dr KB Yuguda Oct 2013 –  Nov 2015
2. Dr PO Odion Nov 2015-  till date