Application for Admission into the Nigerian Defence Academy 76 Regular Course



Ahead of their September 30th Passing Out Parade and Commissioning Ceremony, the Chief of the Naval Staff (CNS), Vice Admiral EI Ogalla, has charged Passing Out Cadets (POCs) of the Nigerian Defence Defence Academy (NDA) to exhibit a high sense of discipline and professionalism if they hope to rise to the zenith of the military career.

Vice Admiral Ogalla made this call as the Special Guest of Honour (SGOH) during the Regimental Dinner Night organised by the NDA in honour of the graduating cadets of 70 Regular Course (RC), Direct Short Service Courses (DSSC) 27 (Army) and 31 (Air Force), which held on Wednesday, 20 September 2023 at the NDA Cadets’ Mess, Afaka.

The Naval Chief, who was represented at the event by Rear Admiral ZS Muhammad, noted that in order to function optimally in the current security environment, the cadets must uphold certain vital values. “To rise to zenith of your career, you must display a high sense of discipline, dedication, commitment, professional knowledge and perseverance. These values of the military profession are even more demanding and expedient in this era of volatile , uncertain, complex and ambiguous operating environment”, he added.

Vice Admiral Ogalla reminded the POCs that having been trained under the new NDA training curriculum, the Armed Forces has high expectations on their output and leadership capabilities. He therefore called on them to be good ambassadors of the Nigerian Defence Academy.
Vice Admiral Ogalla further called on the Passing Out Cadets not to compromise on professional ethics for material benefits and personal gratification. He added, “Let me also caution you that in line with the present administration Anti-corruption crusade, and fight against insurgency, banditry and criminality, you must eschew all forms of corrupt practices and negative tendencies for pecuniary gains”.

Furthermore, The CNS enjoined the POCs to uphold the principal of civil-military relations by joining hands with civil authorities, and the citizenry, to maintain law and order. Consequently, he told the cadets that while dispatching their professional duties, their watchword must always be total submission and loyalty to the Federal Government of Nigeria and to their calling as professional military officers.

Vice Admiral EI Ogalla who also disclosed that the Armed Forces of Nigeria have recorded a lot of successes in the fight against insurgency, terrorism, kidnapping, banditry and other security challenges, used the event to commend the men and women of the Armed Forces whose ultimate and selfless sacrifices made these successes possible. He therefore charged the Passing Out Cadets to ensure that they carry on with the same vigour and dedication so that the ultimate sacrifice paid by fallen heroes doesn’t go in vain.

In the same vein, the Naval Chief challenged the POCs to be physically and mentally ready to develop themselves in order to progress in the military profession. He also called in the cadets to make personal efforts at ensuring they further their training and pass promotion exams creditably. “In this regard, you must continue to acquire new knowledge and skills to match the dynamism of global security demand”, he concluded.

Finally, the CNS commended the Commandant NDA, Maj Gen JO Ochai, his directors, instructors and staff for transforming the Nigerian Defence Academy into world class military institution. He noted that the NDA Governing Council has been properly briefed on how the Commandant NDA has refined the training modules in NDA to produce the finest officers who can now effectively fight and lead troops in the volatile and complex operating environment. He therefore called for a standing ovation for the Commandant, Maj Gen JO Ochai.

The Regimental Dinner Night is an important global military tradition practiced by most armed forces in the world. It serves as an avenue to military personnel to interact in a relaxed environment. At the Nigerian Defence Academy, the event provides a forum for Passing Out Cadets to interact and dine with serving and retired senior military officers in a relaxed, social setting. It further affords the POCs an opportunity to appreciate the fine military traditions expected of gentlemen officers of the Nigerian Armed Forces. highlights of the events are; presentation of awards to deserving cadets, conduct of the band by the SGOH and Comdt NDA, presentation of souvenir to the SGOH.