Application for Admission into the Nigerian Defence Academy 74 Regular Course



Burma Battalion has emerged the winners of the Academy Inter-Battalion Drill Competition for cadets of 71 Regular Course (RC), which held at NDA Parade Ground, Afaka.

The Battalion scored a total of 149.05 points to attain the first position. Mogadishu Battalion came second with a total scored points of 144.18. The second runners up, Dalet Battalion, scored a total of 135.91 points, while Abyssinia Battalion came last with a total of 132.55 points. The award for the Best Parade Commander went to cadet AU Abubakar of Dalet Battalion.

The Academy inter- battalion drill competition for Cadets’ of 71 Regular Course is the second in the series of drill competition for the year 2021/2022 training year. The competition is aimed at enhancing discipline, bearing, turnout and teamwork amongst the Cadets. The exercise is also geared towards testing the Cadets’ proficiency in drill, as well as assessing their general state of alertness, there by building on the capacity of the participating battalions and enhancing the Academy regimental values. The competition is also expected to form 20 percent of the final score that would determine the winner of the NDA Drill competition for the year 2022.

In his remarks, the Guest of Honour (GOH), Col TA Lamidi, Chief Instructor Training Support Wing NDA, disclosed that drill competition is a major training event in the Academy, designed to improve the professional development of cadets. He further stated that drill is the hallmark of regimentation and bedrock of discipline in the military.

The GOH also revealed that with regular practice it is possible to attain a high level of proficiency in drill, which the cadets have demonstrated during the competition. He commended the cadets for their performance, noting that it did not come easy taking into consideration of the Cadets’ combined rehearsals with other competitive activities in the Academy. He further enjoined the cadets to see the event beyond competition and winning trophies. “While you may need the competitive aspect to determine the champion Battalion, the benefits of today’s event would impact more on your professional development in the military”, he added.

Col Lamidi expressed his appreciation to the Commandant NDA for the opportunity to serve in the capacity as the GOH. He also expressed same to the Cadets over their comportment and performance throughout the competition. He believed that the participants have brought to bear the knowledge and training which they have acquired in the Academy.

The four regular cadet Battalions in the Academy competed during the event with each competing battalion having a team strength of 90 Cadets of 71RC (87 Cadets in 3 ranks) that form up 2 guards during the exercise. The competition which involved both foot and rifle drills was keenly competed with cadets displaying their proficiency in drill.

High points of the event includes colour Marchpass by the cadets, presentation of Academy Adjutant’s Handshake to the best phase leg commanders and presentation of trophy to the winner Battalion.