Baba Bukar Alhaji

Dr. Baba Bukar Alhaji
Nigerian Defence Academy

Baba Bukar Alhaji holds Bachelor degree in statistics (University of Maiduguri), Masters of Science in Statistics (Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria) and a Doctorate degree in Statistics (University of Essex, United Kingdom). His main research interests are mostly in the area of statistical analysis of quantitative data (inferential statistics, formulation and statistical hypotheses testing), statistical methodologies, such as probability theory, mathematical statistics. Monte carlo simulation, mixture models. Dr Alhaji is familiar with a wide range of statistical software, packages and programming languages such as R, Stata, S-plus, SAS, SPSS, C+, Matlab, latex, etc.Dr Alhaji teaches at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna. His taught courses are mainly Statistics, Operations Research, Computer Science, Mathematics and Research Methodology et.c. 

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