Cadets Brigade

The Cadets' Brigade (CB) is responsible for cadets' administration, character building and welfare. The Brigade is commanded by an Army officer with the established rank of brigadier general and called the Cadets Brigade Commander (CBC). There are five cadets' battalions under the CB namely:

(1) Abyssinia Battalion

(2) Burma Battalion

(3) Dalet Battalion

(4) Mogadishu Battalion

(5) Ashanti Battalion

Profile of the Commandant NDA

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Academy Anthem. Academy Anthem..

Academy, my academy, our academy. Academy mother of African warriors. Academy of wonders, fascination and adventures...

NDA Postgraduate School Admission

The list of successful candidates for admission into various postgraduate school programmes... Read more.

Commandant's Quotes

"NDA must keep pace with dynamics of ICT world."

"CADETS are the focal point."

"TALK IS CHEAP, leaders must walk the talk."

-Major General MT Ibrahim.

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