NDA plays an important role in the national life of Nigeria and its goals and aspirations have continued to blossom. The academy has successfully moved to its permanent site where work is on going to complete the rest of Phases 1 and 2 projects. When the construction is complete, it will mark a milestone in the history of NDA in particular and Nigeria in general. By 2014, NDA will celebrate its Golden Jubilee anniversary, marking 50 years of its establishment. This event will symbolise the attainment of a prestigious status such as those attained by academies like Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, UK, West Point USA and National Defence Academy, India that have not only celebrated such milestones but have progressed tremendously.

Profile of the Commandant NDA

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Academy Anthem. Academy Anthem..

Academy, my academy, our academy. Academy mother of African warriors. Academy of wonders, fascination and adventures...

NDA Postgraduate School Admission

The list of successful candidates for admission into various postgraduate school programmes... Read more.

Commandant's Quotes

"NDA must keep pace with dynamics of ICT world."

"CADETS are the focal point."

"TALK IS CHEAP, leaders must walk the talk."

-Major General MT Ibrahim.

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